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As a part of our mission to keep adding colour across industries, we'll be facilitating workshops, masterclasses, fika + tailored events for you to get you foot in the door*, [digital] mentorship and a chance to network. We want to keep the hustle accessible, actionable but most of all, fun. 

We want to keep the hustle accessible, actionable but most of all, fun. 

*Our workshops, masterclasses and events are open to all  unless otherwise stated.  

what's on

upcoming fika 

your space to network + showcase 
Fika (n, vb); a Swedish term for taking out some time in the day to relax and catch up, over coffee and food. 

our Fika is a space to:
  • discuss aspirations + goals 
  • make contacts 
  • get advice 
  • share work and ideas 


how hue. (can help) 

Work with hue. on paid commissions and projects. 
Here at hue., we want to build an avenue for both established and up-and-coming creatives to have their work seen, commissioned and utilised in collaboration with our ongoing client projects. Our call for creativity is open to all interested; but we want to make sure where necessary, there is priority for female creatives from underrepresented backgrounds. 
"[since working with hue.], i've been able to change to part-time work + pursue paid opportunities in the creative industry"
-  Miri Kamara, videographer + edito


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adding colour where black + white thinking just wont do.